About Snap.Build®

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Snap.Build® is a groundbreaking construction lender that allows you to build faster while growing your business. By connecting builders like you to funding, we keep your business growing – not only for your current projects, but also future builds.

We provide non-recourse loans to small and medium-sized home builders for both speculative and pre-sold homes. Our process starts with securing you new construction financing, with options for land financing. Check out our FAQ page for quick answers to common financing questions!

Snap.Build® is a powerful partner you won’t find anywhere else. We’re in the business of helping your business grow!

Snap.Build® Secures Your Capital

For home builders, Snap.Build® provides flexibility to fund more projects, faster.


Snap.Build® provides builders with land financing and spec home financing for projects, as well as:

Competitive pricing and terms with a possible three-week close, pending approval
Enhancements to current bank lines
New construction financing for multiple projects, once fully approved
One-time streamlined builder approval process with annual updates


Our construction financing services support residential construction builders with single-family residences, duplexes, 1-4 multi-family projects and residential vertical construction projects.

Subcontractors and suppliers are paid directly. Most invoices are paid weekly, increasing the reliability of job completion dates and reducing overall project costs.
Financing through Snap.Build® saves builders an average of 3% to 5% per project.


We provide our own construction management software, with 24-7 access to all construction project funding.

A single system improves project efficiency and timely completions.
Build times are expedited, project costs reduced and overall efficiencies are improved.
Snap.Build® helps you manage your budget while you focus on building.


Snap.Build ® is a revolutionary lender that connects builders with the capital they need to start and complete projects. With fast payments and increased flexibility on the amount of projects funded, financing your projects is simple.