As a builder you understand the difficulties of managing your projects – especially when you have simultaneous builds.

First, getting a loan from a bank is a frustrating, time-consuming and sometimes futile process. All of that time spent trying to secure project funding could be spent on building!

Next, you have to acquire subcontractors and ensure that they are sticking to the schedule.

Once building begins, you have to confirm that every contractor, vendor and supplier invoice is paid to avoid delays and additional issues.

Most importantly, you have to make sure that your project or projects don’t go over budget.

That’s a lot for one person to handle!

Luckily, Snap.Build® takes the burden of construction management off your bandwidth.

Here’s how Snap.Build combines accounting services with project management software to act as your back office.

Easily Secure Your Construction Financing

Before your build begins, you need money.

Yet, securing a home building loan from a bank or other financial institution (especially during periods of high inflation and threats of a recession) is easier said than done.

Many builders like yourself are not getting approved for loans. Or they’re receiving loans that are insufficient.

Rather than pursuing these traditional (and often less beneficial) routes, you can rely on Snap.Build to facilitate the loan and secure suitable financing on your behalf.

After applying for a loan, Snap.Build assesses the project to determine the exact amount needed to effectively fund it.

By digitizing the loan process, Snap.Build not only allows you to focus on your build, it also makes funding easier and more efficient for your future projects.

Now that Snap.Build knows the scope of your projects, they can facilitate and approve construction loans for future builds faster than a financial institution.

Best of all, Snap.Build (unlike traditional lenders) does not halt loans during economic downturns or housing shortages.

Keep The Construction Plan On Schedule

Having an active and responsive back office is vital to keeping the build on schedule and maintaining your construction timeline.

Overlooking an invoice for a subcontractor or supplier is not uncommon when you’re trying to manage one or more construction projects all by yourself.

Missing a payment is also a sure-fire way to bring the build to a grinding halt.

Each day an invoice goes unpaid, your project inches closer to further delays, additional expenses and a missed target date.

Hiring an assistant to run your backroom is a huge expense for an independent builder and it still doesn’t rule out the risk of missing a payment. After all, human error is often unavoidable.

These scenarios are no longer an issue with Snap.Build.

Using an innovative online project management tool essentially automates the invoice payment process.

Once invoices are submitted into the system, they’re recorded and scheduled for payment. Then all payments are made directly to the contractor, vendor or supplier to avoid any lapsed payments.

By automating the payment process, Snap.Build keeps your build on track and on time.

Avoid Cost Overruns

Although you may have the funds you need to complete your project, improper construction management can throw a wrench in the works – and put your projects budget over budget.

Managing multiple projects requires a great deal of oversight. Large construction firms have the luxury of relying on dedicated and designated teams to oversee each individual project.

As a small builder, you’re on your own. No matter how experienced or hardworking you are, you run the risk of overextending your bandwidth.

And if that happens, you may end up going over budget in an effort to meet your project deadlines.

By harnessing the power of Snap.Build’s online project management tool, you can ensure your builds are completed on time and within budget.
In addition to tracking projects from anywhere at any time, Snap.Build’s project management tools let you view photos to verify completed jobs, confirm additional loan approvals, review paid and unpaid invoices, review progress reports and more.

Having access to all of this information allows you to prioritize jobs, address potential issues in a more timely manner, take corrective action immediately and reduce the risk of work delays or supply shortages to keep your projects on budget – all from your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

It’s Time To Expand Your Bandwidth

Times have changed. And traditional methods and outlets were not designed for the challenges you face today as a home builder.

You can expand your bandwidth and meet these challenges head-on with our construction-lending and project management solution.

Contact our team today to learn more about how our cutting-edge tool can help you manage all of your future construction projects.