The American dream of owning a home has become nearly unattainable for many families today due to rising housing costs and stagnant wages. As a result, there has been a surge in demand for rental properties. In response to this demand, “build-to-rent” housing has emerged as a popular and necessary solution for both renters and developers.

First, let’s define “build-to-rent” housing. Unlike traditional rental properties, build-to-rent housing is designed and built specifically for renting, with a focus on high-quality amenities, maintenance services, and community building. The key feature is that they are built to provide long-term rental housing options for tenants.

One of the benefits of build-to-rent housing is its affordability. While properties on the housing market are often too expensive for many potential homeowners, renting a build-to-rent property can provide a middle ground between homeownership and renting a standard property. By designing and constructing these properties to focus on the needs of renters, build-to-rent housing can provide the amenities and services that renters want at an affordable price point.

Another benefit of build-to-rent housing is its flexibility. Renters today often face rigid leasing terms and limited options when dealing with traditional rental properties. However, build-to-rent properties often offer innovative leasing options, such as month-to-month rental options, multiple floor plans, and community services that cater to the unique needs of renters. This flexibility can provide a sense of stability and community for tenants, leading to longer lease terms and increased satisfaction with their living arrangements.

Build-to-rent housing is also beneficial for developers and investors. Due to the high demand for quality rental properties, build-to-rent housing can lead to steady rental income and provide a more reliable investment opportunity than traditional home sales. Additionally, these properties can increase the value of surrounding homes and communities, which can benefit both renters and property owners alike.

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for build-to-rent housing even more, as many families have been forced to move due to job loss, health concerns, and financial instability. Build-to-rent properties offer a sense of stability and community during uncertain times, which has become increasingly important in today’s housing market.

In conclusion, build-to-rent housing is a valuable solution that provides affordable, flexible, and community-focused living options for renters. With the demand for rental properties rising and the American dream of homeownership becoming increasingly difficult to achieve, build-to-rent housing represents a necessary and positive shift in the housing market. As developers continue to recognize the value of this housing option, we can expect to see more build-to-rent properties being developed and offered to families across the country.

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